Enter the sweet gates of my heart

how sad is it that i peaked in middle school

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Friend or foe?

He comes from a world where such words are meaningless



Friend or foe?

He comes from a world where such words are meaningless

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Audio recording of me buying a blunt at a CVS in Dallas, TX

OH. MY. ACTUAL……………………G

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last sunday my phone was stolen at outside lands and i don’t have enough $$$ to replace it, which really sucks because i’m often traveling between oakland and san francisco alone so for 60-90 minutes at a time no one can know where i am and i can’t contact whoever i’m meeting up with, which isn’t fun for either party to be worrying about!

so this week i’m doing little digital portrait commissions for just $5 (per person)in hopes of raising enough money for a new phone! email a photo or two to nataliierose@gmail.com to get started if you want one, then payment/donations can go thru paypal at the same email.

i did some lil practice ones of some of my fav internet girls/artists boogerbrie and 3babe!!

thank you in advance guys!!!!

help her



Tonight: got high with my brother ?? and gave him a tattoo that says cool and oh I ate some fucked up food


I want nicki minaj to suffocate me using her ass

This is so primitive… I lov it

when i see that worb is makin posts, i always scroll way down to find the post that originated the long string of good posts (so i can read them in the order they progressed)

the houses in the villages 

the fabulous life of… is such a great relic 

ok here’s worb living her daily life, not telling me my aesthetic??


Make mornings taste a whole lot better. Squirt a little Mango Peach into your morning orange juice. 

ew i was looking at this trying to figure out why i was following someone who would post something so shitty and then I SAW THAT IT WAS A FCOKGING AD